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About Us


     Urological Supplies, Inc. (USI) was founded on the principles of providing quality products, exceptional service and caring about those we interact with. We have over 12 years of experience providing male / female intermittent catheters and other urology supplies, including in-home customer education and support.

     Our product education and delivery model is unique to our industry. We employ nurses and medical assistants specifically trained in urological care. They visit you in the comfort of your home. Each care professional provides personalized education, products and support to ensure your lifestyle and health care needs are being attended to.

     USI provides same day in-home delivery, customer education and support in Florida - Savannah, Georgia - Charleston, South Carolina including surrounding areas. Overnight mail delivery is available to most other locations throughout the continental United States.

     We received Exemplary Provider Accreditation by The Compliance Team, a national accreditation organization authorized by the federal government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This accreditation certifies that we maintain the strictest standards of operation throughout our entire company.

     We thank all of our existing customers and look forward to others that become part of the USI family.



Bill and Larry

Our Services


In-Home Product Education


One of our qualified health care professionals will visit you at your home. They will provide product samples, education and support.


We Listen, Teach, Share, Advocate and Provide Choices

Intermittent Catheters

We provide all male / female brands,

sizes and types of intermittent catheters

and related urology supplies.


Best Product Choice

Sometimes  your doctor may not know which catheter is right for you. In this case, our care professional will provide additional education and leave other catheter samples for you to try that also complies with your prescription. 


Physician Updates


Our health care professionals provide your urologist or physician with updated urological care information related to your needs and goals. 

Product Partners
BD-Bard, Cardinal, Coloplast, Convatec, Cure, 
Hollister, Lofric, McKesson, Medline,
MTG, Rusch

Customer Service


We provide 5 star service and support. We understand the importance that supplies are readily available and delivered on-time.

Product Delivery


Most items are delivered same day or within

1-3 business days. We ensure you do not run out of supplies.

After Hours


During after hours, weekends and holidays; we are available through our on-call service.




Most items are packed and shipped directly from our warehouse. This ensures everything is packed neat and secure. Your shipment should arrive complete and undamaged.




We offer worry-free billing to Medicare and other insurances. Our staff collects all necessary documentation and submits the insurance claims on your behalf.


Physicians /Providers
Our Team


We Are More

USI Offers More Than Intermittent Catheters

and Related Urology Supplies.

Our Care Professionals Also Provide Personalized In-Home...

 Patient  Instruction and Education

Same-Day Weekend 





 Timely and Important



We strive to keep your patients compliant, safe and happy.
Our program makes it more likely they will benefit from
fewer Emergency Room Visits and Hospital Admissions.

We are your eyes and ears.

Full-Time Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants


Unparalleled Same-Day In-Home Visits and Follow-up

Years of Experience

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"I was much relieved and confident after discussion with your representatives that I could perform the functions required"

Russ O.

"I was so pleased with the response time and the time given to

fully explain everything."


"The staff at USI has made what could have been a traumatic or at the very least uncomfortable situation, into a tolerable and very livable one."

Don A.

"Your help and understanding certainly made what was a difficult situation into any easy transition."

Thank you for your help,

Carl B.

"We have been especially pleased with your service for almost 3 years. We would highly recommend USI to anybody and everybody!"

Linda W.

"When you are first told you will have to use a catheter the rest of your life - it's scary. But USI took the fear out of it. From the first home visit to the monthly orders EVERYTHING is taken care of in a very professional, courteous and prompt manner. I highly recommend USI."

Susan M.

"Completely satisfied with response time, knowledge and professional service"


"Excellent service. We are happy to recommend USI!"

Tom J.

Bill was a life saver when I

first contacted him with my catheter requirements, he is creative

and flexible. USI's service has

always been excellent.

I wish all vendors were as great as USI."

Kent S.

"My note is particularly in reference to two of your employees, Brenda and Joye. I was amazed by their willingness to hand deliver your products, or to answer phone calls in the middle of the night. Both of these young ladies represent your company in the finest customer service display I have seen in a long time."


You are fortunate to have them represent your company.


Best regards,
Bill O.



I wanted to give you feedback on Brenda Pandoff, the Medical Assistant in charge of my case.


My doctor recently prescribed catheters as part of my recovery plan following a recent prostatectomy. He told me that the supplier would get in touch promptly and that I'd have my catheters quickly. Wow, was he right!  USI lists themselves as an exemplary provider; this is a well deserved description based on my interactions with Brenda and how quickly my product arrived.


I got a call from Brenda the day the prescription went through, she collected all the insurance information needed and we set up a meeting the following day. Brenda's phone etiquette was exemplary. She was polite, listened carefully, was at all times professional and I had a clear understanding of what to expect for the visit.


I got a call from Brenda on Tuesday, our meeting day, to confirm that she would be at my house at 1 PM, exactly the pre-arranged time. She came up from Ft Myers and, guess what, she actually arrived at 1pm --- since our addresses are not well marked she gave me a call and, voila!, there she was with a smile and polite introduction. 


She explained what she was going to need to show me various catheters and we set up easily in our living room. Once set up, Brenda efficiently went through what was to me a bewildering array of different catheters. She explained each one carefully. She answered every question I had. She explained the subtle differences among the various brands and why some patients might like one over another --- without appearing to push any one brand; the message being that patient preference is the clear driver.  She clearly explained the need to measure urine output pre and post catheterization and helped me better understand why it was so important. 


Brenda's comportment during our meeting was impeccably professional. She was well informed, knew her brands and exhibited excellent communication and listening skills. A little appreciated trait perhaps, but she was so patient and empathic. It is an understatement to say that one doesn't look forward to having to catheterize oneself. It was reassuring to have a person take the time to explain things thoroughly; I never felt rushed. I felt that Brenda had sufficient experience with a range of patients that she could relate well with what some of my anxieties were; this also helped reassure me and gave me a level of confidence higher than before her visit. I truly appreciated that.


When the explanations were done and I had no further questions, she simply said try out the samples and you'll quickly gravitate towards your top two preferred brands --- I'll call you Friday she said. Sure enough, she called Friday and I knew exactly what I wanted and why. Brenda took my information and told me when to expect the packages. Turned out, the delivery people were prompt with a Saturday afternoon delivery.


Your company, USI, advertises itself as an Exemplary Provider. The exemplary performance of employees such as Brenda is the backstop to the truth of that claim. As a person who spent nearly 30 years in senior management positions in the pharmaceutical R&D  and Medical Device fields, I am keenly aware of the value that people like Brenda add to an organization; you are fortunate she chooses to work for USI. I was both fortunate and grateful to have made her acquaintance and hope she continues as my contact.




James R.

"Kindness and understanding

Great People


Lee W.

"I dealt with this company

in person. They were very

professional and treated

me with dignity and respect.

They ask the right questions

and satisfied my needs."

Frank S.

"Helped with a difficulty that I experienced prior to USI- Very grateful."

Jack H.

"A great staff -

Couldn't ask for better

There are none better

Thank you Guys"

Judith T.

"Excellent service, people & products"

Can't be beat!!!"

August T.

"Very courteous on phone. Excellent delivery time of order."


Joseph S.

"USI has been my catheter provider for the past 2 + years and has always been timely in deliveries and follow-up phone calls. I am extremely pleased with their service."

George M.

"Excellent compared to other companies I have done business with in the past"

Anthony S.

"All your staff are top notch!"

Lois B.

"Larry was professional and very approachable. I felt confident and comfortable with him."

Susan M.

" I couldn't  think of using another company for such a personal need. Your staff goes above and beyond for their patients in tough situations. Very professional group to work with."

Tom E.

"The person that came to our house was very helpful and polite. The products I settled on is to my needs and very helpful. I have been very satisfied with all aspects of being taken care of by the company and all."

Donald B

Contact Us


Our Address

9861 Bernwood Place Dr, Suite 175

Fort Myers, Florida 33966

Telephone: 239.985.9327 or  855.730.4838

Fax: 239.985.9614

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday  8AM – 5PM

Saturday - Sunday   CLOSED

After hours call 239.985.9327

(please select the appropriate prompt for your request)


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